Release notes for Bordeaux for Mac OS X 1.8 (alpha)

Thank you for purchasing an advanced copy of Bordeaux for Mac OS X!


If for any reason you are not satisifed with your purchase, let us know within 30 days and we are happy to provide a full refund.


- Intel Apple Mac (Mac Pro, Mac Mini, iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air) - Mac OS X Leopard - Updated from (At least version 2.3.3)

Known issues with this release: - Only Office 2007 Applications (Word, Excel, Powerpnt) and Internet Explorer 6.0 are supported. The next Beta build will include support for Office 2003 applications and more!

- libgphoto2 and libsane support has not been compiled in to this release. This means that scanner access most likely will not work. We plan to fix this in the beta build.

- libpng and libjpg support has not been compiled in to this release. This will be corrected in the next beta. Please let us know if you have problems viewing any images in Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint.

- Icon creation for Application Bundles are not supported at this time. This will be corrected in the next Beta release.

- The Install Windows Applications and Bordeaux Cellar Manager Application bundle will create two icons on the doc when these applications are running. This will be corrected in the final build

- Many other bugs will be present. Please be patient while we work to correct these issues.

Getting Started,

When you install this release of Bordeaux for OS X a directory on your HardDrive will be created called Bordeaux Applications. In this folder, you will have tools which allow you to install and manage Windows Applications under OS X. Simply select Install Windows Applications to get started. At this time while you are presented with a list of many Windows applications that can be installed, only Internet Explorer 6.0 and Microsoft Office 2007 are supported. Future beta releases will include more applications as support is added.

Once your applications is installed a new directory will be created called "Windows Applications" in the root of your Hard Disk. From there you will have a standard application bundle you can use to launch your program. Support for native icons will be added in the next beta.

A advanced copy of Bordeaux for Mac OS X can be purchased for $20.00 in the store.